Survey Says: Future Topics In Leadership and Small Business

survey Aug 13, 2018
Throughout 2017 and 2018, I’ve made a point of asking the hundreds of women I’ve interviewed about the challenges they’ve faced or are up against at that moment. Below are many of the top tier topics that come up again and again – giving us all proof that we have some challenges and barriers in common. Take a look at the top concerns affecting women in our alliance. We’ll be integrating and addressing these together, in our circles, outings and programs.

Future Topics: Willpower Circles
• Turn that barrier into a benefit
• Managing time as a resource – like a pro
• Take an idea into reality
• We are enough! Address limiting beliefs and remove the negative
• Identify your non-financial value and help others see it too
• Finding balance in work, family and self care
• Public Speaking 101: tricks to help ease the #1 fear
• Stepping into your next phase with grace and strength
• Owning your finances and...
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