A Big Thank You To Women Willpower Renewing and New Members

thank you Jul 09, 2020

In the midst of one of the most tumultuous times in the history books, Women Willpower has not been spared the teeth-grinding stress of uncertainty. While our membership has been steadily growing over the past 2 years, our live events selling out more and more and the thank you notes continue to come in from women who have felt the power of our collective wisdom - we are still a very young organization!  Our "Founding Summit" was in May 2017 and the original 40 charter members signed on in spring of 2018!

It's not easy to predict what will unfold over the next year - but - we are still in a position to continue thanks to the support of our renewing members and new members like you! 

When the shelter in place edict was ordered for Pennsylvania this past March, Women Willpower quickly shifted to an online format, holding our masterminds by zoom and weathering the technology learning curve together. So, thanks again to all of you for your patience, through trial and error, we created a new and improved mastermind format with the added benefit of being able to include women across the country in our events! (and we have had new visitors and new members from Boston, San Francisco, and more!)

This next year will continue to be a grind, as the sets of unknowns continue to roll out in front of us. Questions like when will vaccines allow us back into shared physical spaces, or how the Black Lives Matter movement will positively affect our communities and what will November hold as our presidential elections unfold? 

With health and safety at a high priority, economic disruptions are a real challenge, and our habits and norms have shifted. Yet, there is a wealth of opportunity and advantages to be found - in the midst of the chaos.

At Women Willpower, we've taken hold of the mantra that uncertainty creates opportunity to design better solutions and enable more powerful interactions for members - by creating an new online membership platform.

In July 2020, I'm excited to announce that all existing members and new members will be migrated into our new platform - where they will be able to connect, share, access resources and hold conversations around topics that matter - all in 24/7 and according to your schedule.  We will continue to hold our monthly gatherings over zoom with experts who share actionable insights and strategies for success on topics of top importance.  The event calendar and registration can all be found within the new portal. It's all in one easy stop. 

As the summer unfolds, more and more of our collective wisdom will be uploaded into the platform, so you'll have easy access to previous Gathering zoom recordings, previous expert speeches and content from the many hundreds of circles we've held over the last 3 years, including the content from Summit 2019!  But, it's not over yet, and we need every one who can to continue to help us grow to continue to chip in. 

For those who have done so already, I'd like to send out a very Big Thank You to all of our members and sponsors who have helped us weather this storm that is 2020. Your support helped us to build a new space online - a space that we create by coming together, by leaning in and helping one another thrive! 

- Sincerely, Angeline May, Founder, Women Willpower


INSPIRATION: Coretta Scott King saw true freedom as far more than a seat at the front of the bus. It meant addressing the economic, racial, and gender inequalities at the heart of American society.  SOURCE, The Atlantic Magazine, July 2020

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