Building Business: Pivots Profits & Growth 


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In times of uncertainty, the business landscape takes twists and turns. Your pivots and profits demand critical thinking.

Christine Martey Ochola, PhD and Angeline May will lead you through a strategic process to build smart and think big. 

Work with a small group of business women in a decision-making process that will help your business to not only survive but thrive.  See your business forging ahead with dignity and strength. 


Our business development consultancy program will help you:

  • Assess business viability in a shifting marketplace.
  • Evaluate business agility and uncover meaningful pivots for impact.
  • Consider funding, resource, team and operational needs for a profitable forward vision.
  • Chart a course forward that  helps your organization weather uncertainty with a solid transition plan.
  • Prepare to launch changes with a thorough examination of resource allocation, team development and logistical agility. 
  • Work with other experienced women business owners who are eager to grow and thrive. 


What are you waiting for? 
Get set up to move your business forward for profits and growth!

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Focus on Business Pivots, Profits and Growth!

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Program Details

Dates: 5 Week Online Program, Live Sessions On Tuesdays - 10am to 12pm.  Starting April 27th, running for 5 weeks.

  • Each Week: 2 hour group strategy session with Christine and Angeline
  • A five step strategic planning process to move from Pivot to Profits to Growth 
  • A fully personalized 25-minute solo session with Christine and Angeline  
  • Weekly video with strategic considerations for each of the five steps.
  • A program workbook with Week by Week Planning Assignments to develop and track your plan.  
  • Tools to help you put your thinking into direct actions and implementations  
  • Recommended resources to go deeper in strategy & planning.

Week at a Glance

Week 1: Sink or Swim? Where Am I? We'll evaluate core product or service to determine market viability, market disruption, and identify if the business is on a trajectory of success.  Activity: 360 Program Assessment

Week 2: Can We Flex? Review 360 assessment, and consider best step forward. What role will innovation and creative solutions play. that enable the business to thrive. Where are the opportunities to cut or monetize. Activity: Identify Most Valuable Product or Service. 

Week 3: Unlock The Puzzle. What areas require more inputs or insight to move forward?  Evaluate barriers or challenges. Activity: Solo session with Christine and Angeline to address roadblocks. 

Week 4: Planning= Success!  Prepare an implementation plan for scaling to growth. Use good quantitative data of market segments. Clarity on organizational and resource needs Activity: Deep dive on resources like cashflow, systems, client base.

Week 5: Can I Leap Now? Identify and create your plan to re-enter the market for a successful launch of your new business solution or MVP launch. Activity: Develop your roll out strategy, communications, value statement and testing. 

Get The Support You Need To Make A Plan For Growth 

Your pivots and profits demand critical thinking. Don't wait any longer to address the changing marketplace. 


Meet Your Consultants

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Christine Martey Ochola, PhD
CEO, Avo Global 
Co-Founder, Neulehair from Nuele.

Dr. Christine Martey-Ochola is a serial entrepreneur and is the co-founder of Avo Global Ltd, an engineering, education, and public health management consulting firm.

She is also co-founder of Nuele, a natural hair care company based in Pennsylvania. She has had a successful career as an academic consultant and biochemistry professor where she run cancer research on targeted chemotherapeutic delivery for many years.

Dr. Martey-Ochola is keen on economic community development and received an award from the White House as a champion of change due to her work with diaspora communities in the United States on matters of economic empowerment. She is currently working on an initiative to establish a STEM and Performing Arts School in Pennsylvania.

Learn more about Christine Martey Ochola and Nuelehair from Nuele. 

Angeline May
President, OnMarket Solutions
Founder, Women Willpower

Angeline May is President of OnMarket Solutions, a Management, Marketing and Business Development Consulting firm where she works with executives and business leaders clients on Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy and Thought Leadership.  Angeline helps clients build strong businesses, strong partnerships and strong client relationships.  

In 2017 she founded Women Willpower, a professional development and growth community for women in business and leadership.  

As a thought leadership strategist, Angeline co-founded the local chapter of TEDx in 2013. Angeline is passionate about elevating the voices of women in business and in curating compelling programs for diverse audiences.  

Learn more about Angeline May and Women Willpower.

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