Building Business and Equity for Female Founders and Leaders

Your future success depends in part on access to a network you can lean on and trust. We are an alliance of powerful women who believe in helping each other thrive. In our CONSULT CLUBS, we share business survival skills, personal growth stories and the strategies we've used to take our ideas and passions into the marketplace. We want female owned businesses to grow, to sustain and to scale.

"It's like a breath of fresh air - every time. We set aside pretense and are willing to open up. People share lessons learned, we talk about what drives us and how to get through the challenges we're facing. It's really open and honest conversations. I learned that I wasn't alone. We found ways to move forward, together. "

Jenna Armato
WWP Charter Member | President of Attract, Engage, Inspire LLC

Women Willpower CONSULT CLUBS

Our intimate and trusted cohorts are building strategic alliances and business partnerships to create 10x strategies that fuel our growth and scale our impact. We focus on a four point matrix of Finance, Influence, Partnership and ESG, to drive business strategy and leadership required to compete in todays chaotic marketplace.

10x Club At Work

Talking about DEI and ESG are important, but, we must do more than talk. At our 10x club we're focused on building the capacity for growth and market penetration NOW.

 At 10x club we are forging the strategic alliances and business partnerships to address pivots, barriers and disruptions of a complex and changing marketplace.  

Visibility AND Influence Initiatives

Our fellow Consult Club Members are more than meer conversational peers, we are partners and allies in creating increased visibility and market penetration for our goods and services. 

Through our Panel In A Box Initiative (PIAB), we have collaborated to design a speaking and presenting vehicle to deliver talks for live audiences.  

Weekly Partnership Mastermind

Our weekly partnership masterminds are at the core of the CONSULT CLUB success. We meet each week to work on building our businesses and to gain a greater understanding of how we can support the growth of each others businesses. We seek to uncover overlaps and gaps where we can partner to create solutions to address client pain points and chart new pathways for growth.

UPDATE: Now accepting a select number of new cohort applicants to join us in January 2022 as Consult Club Members. 

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10X CLUB Membership



Influencer Partner

TED-like Talk Coaching

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Consult Club Level Membership is not for everyone, as a COMMUNITY ALLIANCE member you form the heart center of our organization. You'll participate in the mind-blowing facilitated conversations at our signature events, attend invigorating summits, have access to member-only networking, and gain access an online library of talks & interviews with experts who have navigated the top challenges facing women in the world today. As we all seek to find peace in an overwhelmingly complex world, at the COMMUNITY ALLIANCE MEMBER level your support and insights also help our brave female founders forge ahead into a future we all hope to see - one with a more equitably balanced female founder marketplace.

""The intimacy, honesty, and genuine concern and helpfulness of the group was so special. I really wasn't quite sure what to expect, and the gathering exceeded all expectations. I look forward to future circles and socials." "

Charter Member | Chairman of the Board, The Ralston Center

""It was a great experience and I am happy that I had the chance to participate. I was there to present and share my knowledge and experiences, but I was also a learner and walked away with tools to help me grow as well. I look forward to being a part of the future activities and initiatives of Women WillPower." "

Higher Education Professional & Diversity Consultant

""I didn't know I could learn so much in such a short time - it was incredible & fun! I have alot of friends who will love this.""

Heather Greyberg
Founder, Revival Productions

Welcome Guests!

Women Willpower invites guests who are not yet ready to join a program or as a member to attend an upcoming Signature Event or to visit our features page to get a feel for the organization.


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